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Learn More About MTT

Take this opportunity to know more about Mishawaka Troop Town. You can also find this information on our About page.

What is MTT, and how did it originate?

MTT was founded in late 2019 by Jim Metherd, Dan Gann, and Warren Seegers. All three are veterans themselves. When they learned approximately 50 homeless veterans were in the local area, they decided to start a community project to do something about it. The project evolved into Mishawaka Troop Town. With the project well off the ground, MTT's mission is to provide housing and services necessary to help homeless veterans return to a productive and meaningful life.

How will MTT help local Veterans?

MTT will educate veterans with a skill set to live healthier lives, being involved with the community while providing spiritual, mental, and physical support.

What is needed before MTT can start helping homeless veterans?

As of September 16th, 2021, MTT has raised $110,000. This amount has allowed securing property located near VFW Post 360 on Jefferson in Mishawaka. This amount provides the ability to start some construction. The complete goal of S600,000 will support building seven to eight homes and the first three years of operational expense.

Where has support and contribution for MTT come from?

Contributions from the community have come from many individual monetary donations and sponsorship of honor Bricks. One member of the community Jack Champaign, gave a gift of $50,000.

Several local businesses and organizations have pledged or given in-kind donations and or services. The below mentioned are notable contributors:

One Gutter Guard Systems

Board members of MTT include Steve Belmer, Dan Gann, Bill Gee, Dwayne Kent, John Ladue, Jim Metherd, Al Pinto, and Warren Seegers.

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